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Internet Surfing Control for you Business

Limit your staff’s Internet access time or Censor certain types of Internet content

We are happy to offer the latest security measures to prevent your staff from accessing distracting and time consuming web sites, such as social networking sites, during working hours...

Censor Specific Content Limit & Monitor Access
Peace of Mind Safer Browsing
Onsite Visits We install everything for you
Protect your sensitive information
Internet Surfing Control PC Heart
We are experts in understanding the various internet requirements of Business, and then ensuring that these Business online activities are limited or restricted as appropriate.

Hence, for our small business clients, we also offer key word blocking and file type blocking, to ensure that staff are prevented from sending sensitive company information out via personal email accounts.

If you want security & peace of mind - call us today to solve your Business Internet Access & Surfing issues...

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