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Network your Home Computers

A Home Network will allow you to share the Internet between multiple PC’s , share all your Music, Video and devices such as Printers

Networking all your home computers together means you can now share one Broadband connection between many computers plus you can also transfer data between them quickly and easily

Share the Internet, Printers etc Stream Music, Video
We install everything for you Dedicated Engineer
Home Networks & Computer Maintenance made simple
Networks PC Heart
PC Heart can implement a network within your premises to allow the occupants to exchange information easily between them. Depending on the circumstances, we can support this over wireless or wired connections as well as other possible options, such as utilising the wires of the mains electricity within the premises.

The suitability of wireless technology differs location to location: we can help you work out if wireless will be ok in your environment.

So call us now on 0844 484 1001 to get your home networked with the latest cutting edge technology.

PC Heart Computer Repair London


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