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Feel Secure & Safe by immunising your Home Computers from Viruses & Spyware

Computer crashed due to a Virus? Concerned about security issues & phishing scams? Well we can solve your PC & Virus problems

10 new Viruses are created every day. That's scary! We know just how serious such programs can be, and work hard to ensure minimum disruption to your computer at all times.

Virus Protection Home Visits
Full System & Data Recovery Safer Browsing
We install everything for you
Why risk your precious memories & data?
Virus-Spyware Removal PC Heart
PC Heart are experts in the identification and removal of all types of virus and spyware, ever vigilant as to the potential impact that such programs can have your computer. Not only will we recover your data if you are attacked we can also make sure that your well protected from those attempting to harm your PC.

Virus Removal & Protection made easy
If your PC crashed, if you need your data backed up or you want security & peace of mind call us today to solve your Virus & Spyware issues.

PC Heart Computer Repair London


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